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How to Tell if a Student is Bullying or Teasing?

What signs should teachers look for when deciding if a students behaviour is friendly teasing or bullying? Most of us (teachers and students alike) have experienced good-natured teasing that is done in fun. Some sibling relationships and friendships are built on them! But how do we know when this behaviour has crossed the line? When are students no longer “just

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself when Dealing with Negative Classroom Behaviour

After 10 years of teaching, only one things is for certain when it comes to behaviour management…There is no one strategy that oneworks for everyone! In my career, I have used a multitude of techniques to deal with negative behaviours: shouting, discussion, losing time at lunch, losing golden time, classroom removal, break time detentions, planned ignoring, the list goes on.

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Understanding Students Mental Health, For Teachers

With newly releasedNHS Digitalstatistics showing that in England and Wales, 1 in 9 children aged 5-15 experience a mental illness, it has become even more essential that teachers are knowledgeable in the subject of mental health. For this reason, it is key that qualified teachers are aware of the symptoms of mental health disorders that a young person can experience

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