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How to Write an NQT Teaching Statement/ Cover Letter

“Your teaching statement should not be a repeat of your Resume, yet this is still what we receive from time to time” Head Teacher-Anon Your teaching statement or cover letter is used toexplain who you are as a teacherand yoursuitability for the role. While your application form briefly outlines your qualifications, skills and work experience. Your teaching personal statement is

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Bring Britsh Sign Language into the Classroom

British Sign Language Week happens in March every year, as it celebrates a special date, March 18th (2003), the day the UK government recognised BSL. Every day we see deaf young people achieving great things, and their enthusiasm and skills will make them great leaders of tomorrow. However, decisions are being made that are putting their futures in jeopardy. We

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How to tell if a student is bullying or Teasing?

What signs should teachers look for when deciding if a students behaviour is friendly teasing or bullying?  Most of us (teachers and students alike) have experienced good-natured teasing that is done in fun. Some sibling relationships and friendships are built on them! But how do we know when this behaviour has crossed the line? When are students no longer “just

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