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Access Our List of Over 50 Funding Sources and Counting
Find various opportunities to gain funding for your school. Funding listings are from a wide variety of charities, companies and organisations. They cover many subject areas and can be for your school, subject or even personal employment help.
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Teachers use their mobile to do a multitude of tasks, applying for jobs is one of them, you can rest assured all branded school content and job adverts are optimised for mobile, our entire website is fully responsive.
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Stay Ahead with Featured Jobs
keep your job at prime top position on our home and jobs page, simply choose to make your regular jobs advert featured to be seen first by candidates.
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Tiered for your recruitment needs, Docere offers 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packages for advertising your jobs, all at affordable prices.
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  • 2 refresh jobs
  • Job displayed for 30 days
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£175.00 Excluding VAT

  • 182 Days Membership
  • Unlimited job posting
  • 4 refresh jobs
  • Job displayed for 30 days
  • Featured Company
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12 Month Subscription

£250.00 Excluding VAT

  • 365 Days Membership
  • Unlimited job posting
  • 6 refresh jobs
  • Job displayed for 30 days
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Docere is an education employment and recruitment platform. We connect qualified and passionate teaching and non-teaching job seekers with recruiting schools who need to fill vacancies with quality staff.

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