Last Day of School Classroom Activities

Ideas and free printable's for the last day of term

Make some memories

Make some memories by creating class memory books that are easy. You can create simple printable worksheets or download our pre-made ones here for students to complete and staple together as a book. Have them write down favourite memories, draw pictures of the classroom, and sign autographs for each other. If you have time, (or one that you have taken earlier) you could even include a class picture on the cover!


Tidy up Races

You can use the boundless energy that the students have to take down posters, scrub desks, shred old worksheets, or pack up books. To avoid the groans, make it a game or a race – divide the class into teams and see which team can complete its tasks first to win a prize.


Play learning games

If your classroom is stocked with a variety of educational games, now is a good time to pull them out for entertainment. Organise game centres around the classroom and allow students to pick which ones they would like. Set a timer and have groups rotate from one activity to another periodically.


Autograph and draw on Items

 This is a nice way to spend the last day of school before Christmas. Have your students autograph or get your student to draw on a t-shirt/dress/teddy bear (depending on the age of your class) or whatever your heart desires (and is easy to write on), you can pin this up in the classroom or keep it as a lovely souvenir!


Ad libs and Charades



 Develop a list of silly topics, one for each child, and put them in a jar. Have each student pull a topic and give them a minute or two before calling them up. Encourage the students to get creative with fun topics like “what would you do if you were the prime minister” or “convince us to buy your shoes.”


Charades-School Edition

You could have your pupils draw upon events or funny things that have happened through the year , write them down and put them in a jar, then get one student to pick one out and act out the funny thing or event and see if the rest of the class can guess. You can always use other categories such as animals, places etc, check out these ideas from the Kids Activities website.

If you don’t like this idea, or nothing springs to mind for the students, you can always regular charades!



Friendship Tokens

Your students may be slightly sad that they may not see their classmates for a couple of weeks over the holidays, you could encourage them to create a token of friendship. This could include:

  • Writing a poem, funny limerick or rap about their friend
  • Making a friendship bracelet, necklace or bookmark
  • Creating a catch song about their friend

Let your pupils decide how they would like to show they appreciate their friends.



Have an awards ceremony

Printable Student Award

Have ready made awards to hand out to students, you can download and print our example here for anything and everything they have done this term. It will make for a great end to the calendar year and boost the students self of steam, you can make the awards as formal or as silly as you like (you can add some sweet treats in there too ).



If you have ever seen legally blonde you will know what I mean!

This another great booster for your students. Divide the class into small groups, give them a cup (plastic or otherwise) have everyone write a (secret) positive comment about one person in the group and have them add it to the cup. To save arguments on how the person is chosen, start in alphabetical order of first name or surname. The chosen person then reads the comments about themselves and gets some snaps! (finger clicks). The process is repeated until all members have got their snaps.



There are plenty of other activities you can do on the last day of term from around the web, these are just a few of our favourite ones!